Instrument Editor repeatable crash

Dorico (305.6 KB)
Steps to reproduce.
Based on the Bass Recorder, I created a Contrabass Recorder (an octave lower) and that went smoothly.
On using the instrument in a project, I saw a range error and reopened the instrument editor.
The error was “Written middle C sounds as C5” that should be C4.
Every time I change C5 to C4 Dorico exits.

An alternative approach would be to delete the instrument and start all over again. However the Delete button is greyed out and inactive so that is impossible.

Windows 10 16GB RAM


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Thanks for this - I can reproduce the crash. We’ll take a look.

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I found the instrument editor crashes Dorico for me as well. Wouldn’t be able to pinpoint the exact case because it seems to happen erratically for me. Been sending the dmp files to Steinberg, though.

Just to clarify, the error in specifying middle C was not mine. I deleted the edited instrument by editing userlibrary.xml to remove its definition. On starting the definition again in the editor I specified C4 but when saved it became C5.

Indeed - don’t worry, I can see the same problem. We’ll get it sorted out.

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