Instrument Editor/Setup Mode Regression in 5.1.40

the Instrument Editor always had a few behavior weirdnesses but since the latest update yesterday between the Editor and the Setup Mode there has become a really problematic behavior which however worked just fine in the previous version.
I have set up all my percussion instruments as individual kits in the Instruments editor. Reason is to get 5 line staves and the common position of the instruments in these 5 line staves according to film score standards (including note heads). The benefit of this approach (until yesterday) was that I would get automatic instrument change labels if one player was holding multiple “kits” with an individual instrument each.
However with the new version I fail to be able to reliably add these custom instruments to players in Setup mode. Either it will not add them at all, or it will add them as “non kits” but not create a staff for it in Galley View and if that happens I cannot remove them from the player anymore.
As a base for these instruments I used the Drum Set “Standard”, duplicated it, renamed it, removed all instruments and added the individual instrument back into it on the correct line and saved it, and did that with all instruments that I tend to use.
As I said, this used to work perfectly fine until the latest version for me and I could realiably create percussion parts with that.
For now it seems like I need to go back to single lines for these instruments but I really wonder whether the previous behavior could be reinstated.


I’m not sure wht this would have changed. If you’ve saved these instruments in your user library, please zip up that file and attach it here together with the details of the names of the instruments you’re trying to add, and I’ll take a look to see if I can figure out what might be up.

I’ll email you directly.