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I’m trying to create new instruments. I’ve created a new instrument from an existing one, changed the picker name, edited the label name and saved as… (star). The instrument appears in the instrument library, but not in the instrument picker. What am I doing wrong?
By the way, how to I change the language for an instrument?

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It seems you can’t browse for custom instruments. A bug most likely. But if you search for it, it will appear.

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Thanks Craig, but unfortunatly it neither shows up on a search

At the moment, the instrument editor only shows and allows you to edit the instrument names in English, which is not very helpful when using another language: it is meant to show you the names using the language that is currently chosen in the Language page of Engraving Options. This is something we will address as soon as possible.


Hi Daniel,
I don’t know if something is bugged, but I’ve tried to change my preferences to instrument names in English just to check it out and the instrument picker still shows the instrument in French. I didn’t try with a blank project though.
Even though I create an new instrument from an original that has English as it’s reference language (with French chosen by default, some instruments are stuck with English as a reference, even if the name is actually translated), it won’t appear in the instrument picker.

I’m also having trouble with the instrument editor. It is very buggy. Here’s an example:

Create a new instrument “VST Test” based on existing “Synthesizer”.

I must then immediately hit OK in the editor to save the instrument. If I try to Edit Staff Labels and then click ok within that dialog box, everything is cleared. This then screws things up with the instrument so I have to delete it entirely.

I finally managed to get my VST Test instrument setup but when I add it to the score I get the staff label of “Synthesizer Copy” rather than VST Test which was setup in the instrument definition.

So far, I have no confidence in using this editor and creating new instruments.

I watched the Anthony Hughes video and he is not having any of the problems I’m having. It works exactly as I would expect.

I did a reinstall of Dorico 5 and the first time I tried to add a custom instrument everything worked fine. The second time it didn’t i.e. closing the Edit Staff Label dialog cleared everything.

I’m on an Apple Studio Max 64GB and am running the Noteperformer template (with NP4).

EDIT: Looks like everything is working now. I still don’t trust it though. There is a bug somewhere.

There are certainly some glitches in the instrument editor at present, several of which we have fixes queued up for, and we will get those fixes into your hands as soon as possible.


Is the Instrument Editor currently set to handle instruments with octave transpositions that maintain them in both concert and transposed layouts (like piccolo or double bass)? I have been working to create a Bass Dulcimer, which transposes at the octave, and seem to be unable to give it the same transposition in both concert and transposed fields.

I can try to set both fields to C3, but the lower field switches to C2 when I confirm the field. Sometimes on returning to this definition, the lower field has switched to C-1.


There’s a problem with octave transpositions, as you’ve found. This too is fixed in our internal builds and the fix will be included in the first maintenance release, when it arrives.


Hi, I am on Mac M1 Ventura and the instrument editor crash Dorico very frequently, only sometimes by selecting an instrument. I am too afraid to use it now. All my crash reports have been sent automatically to Steinberg : hopefully you will find the bug.

Edit : I cannot delete the instrument variants I created, either the Bin icon does not light up or when it is available and I can click it it just add an “*” to the name but no do delete it. I am afraid to say but it seems the instrument editor was not ready for release : either bugs or a behaviour which has to be clearly explained. To be frank, a bit disappointed.

It would be helpful if you would please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and upload the resulting zip file here so we can ensure that the crashes you’ve experienced are ones that are already on our radar. I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused.