Instrument Filter Import?

I’m loving the instrument filters. I wonder if there’s an option to import/export them between scores? I often use a lot of the same ones, and also have aliases set up for them, so it can be a fair bit of work to get a score up and running. It’d be great to be able to copy this across from score to score. I realise this may be being addressed with however the Dorico team is intending to handle templates (as and when), but I thought I’d ask in the meantime. Thanks!

Any instrument filter presets you set up in a project are included if you save your project as a template. Saving a project template is described here:

However, there’s no way at present to import or export those filter presets between projects. It’s non-trivial because they are defined in terms of the specific instruments in the project, using their unique identifiers, which won’t be the same in another project.


Thanks for the thorough explanation Daniel, much appreciated. I wasn’t aware you could save custom templates (I’m a little behind) but that will work perfectly