Instrument Filter overlay GONE, view option greyed out

Hi All,

Apologies if this has come up, but I’ve been using instrument filters a lot recently, and frequently when I go to change the filter the overlay has just, well, gone. So far, I’ve gotten around it by toggling it off and on again in the View menu, but:

No idea what to do now, and would like to add a cello if possible!


It’s only available in Write mode, and your screenshot looks like Setup mode.

Oh my bog. Long day. Thanks Lillie

(bashes head with keyboard)

No worries! I have seen a couple of people mention that they’ve encountered it not appearing in Write mode when according to the tick in the menu, it should do – if you come across that and can identify a reliable situation it occurs in etc, please do share!

I’m sure that has happened to me - it might even have happened to me this time, except I moved to setup mode somehow! Will do.