Instrument filters and Edit Notes Overlay

A word of praise for the Instrument filters. Much appreciated on the smaller real estate of an iPad.

When I saw it first demonstrated I had thought that it was a bit unnecessary. But it has turned out to be so useful, almost invaluable in fact, especially so when instruments at the bottom staves of an orchestral score double up rhythmic and melodic phrases of instruments at the top, just being able to isolate these makes life so much simpler and speeds things up considerably. Thanks!

I do find that I no longer use the Edit Notes Overlay really. Since I have all its functionality under my fingers as Key Commands, it gets in the way a bit.

Feature Request:.
Ideally I would like to minimise the Edit Notes Overlay when not needed in much the same way as I can minimise the Apple Pencil “palette“ in iPadOS Notes etc.: tap it and it expands; tap it and it toggles to a single icon. It’s always to hand but doesn’t get in the way when not needed. Just a thought.