Instrument filters and editing tempo markings

Apparently editing tempo markings can’t be done while an instrument filter is active? Is this intentional?

I just tried this and it seems to work OK for me – the tempo appears above whatever is the first staff shown in the filtered set, and it can be edited fine. Could you provide a bit more information about what you did, perhaps including an example project saved in the state that reproduces the problem?

I should have been more specific. In a concert band piece imported from xml I filtered to show just the clarinet and trumpet. Double clicking on the tempo setting does nothing and attempting to lengthen a rit or accel does nothing. Of course, I can make changes to the text in the properties panel.

That’s interesting. So you can see the tempo markings, and indeed select them, but if you double-click them to edit them or hit Return to open the popover to edit them, Dorico doesn’t respond?

Perhaps the tracks that show system objects (like the top staff) are hidden? I think you don’t see the tempo markings at all if those tracks are hidden, but maybe I remember it incorrectly.

When I select system text lower down in the system, if the top of the system is not in view, the popover opens offscreen, so it appears that “nothing” happens. Same result whether I double-click or hit Return. Same results in 3.5 and 4.1.

Thank you Mark. The popover shows up outside the margins of the paper in the background blue colored area at the very, very upper left top of the screen. Unless I have my zoom settings such that I see the blue background at the top and bottom I can’t see the popover. Sometimes the tempo popover is blocked by the filter popover.

I’m finding that pressing Enter (return) for this and to start note entry don’t work for me. I suspect I have some program that’s claiming that key so I can’t say for sure if that works or not.

When I hit Return and don’t see the popover, if I scroll up I can find it waiting for me.