Instrument Filters: How Did I Not Know This?

When I first got Dorico, I bought two training courses. Neither of them addressed Instrument Filters which I just stumbled across. If you work in large scores (e.g., orchestral, band), these are life-changing. You can easily view only a selected group of instruments to work on without scrolling up and down the page constantly. The video tutorial in the Dorico online help is short and very clear.

Please let me know who is responsible for this so I can name him or her in my will.

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I was responsible for the MacProVideo course, released at the point at which Dorico 3.5 was the latest version. Though I was paid handsomely, it was a vast amount of editing work, and I opted not to put out a new course in conjunction with the release of Dorico 4 (or Dorico 5). Instrument filters were introduced in Dorico 4.


@pianoleo , Just to be clear, the MacPro series is phenomenal and my favorite training. The fact that filters are not in the current version is no disrespect to the training, which helped me tremendously. I am just very excited to have stumbled onto this great feature.

I salute you for the great work on the training!


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