instrument freezing, bug?

If I play back a track and hit enter to pause it, some note freezes. So the same note will keep on playing all the time, I can not make it stop so I have to close the project. This has happened a lot recently. I have don’t have a torrent version of Cubase elements 7 so that is not the problem.


Can you see this for some Virtual Instruments only, or for all of them? Does MIDI > Reset solve this freezing of MIDI Notes?

When I reset midi the sound stops but many of the midi tracks gets a lover volume? like a sordin?
What do you mean by if I can see it for some virtual instruments or all?

So I saved the track and now I don’t know how to make the volume normal for the midi track that sounds like they have a sordin added…? :cry:


Did you try the freezing with one virtual instrument or with different instruments? Is it the same, if you use another virtual instrument?

By sending MIDI Reset, you send MIDI CC7 (Volume) with value 100 and MIDI CC11 (Expression) with value 127. Maybe, you set these MIDI CCs different before?

I only clicked midi–>reset nothing else. I have not changed anything…Can you please tell me step by step how to change it back? Because I don’t have much experience with DAW (only Sibelius)


the MIDI controllers, I mentioned, are sent automatically with the Reset function. It’s difficult to say, why is it louder, now. If it was MIDI CC11, you have to set the up again in every single MIDI part. If it was MIDI CC7, you can just move faders of the MIDI tracks, in the MixConsole.

It is not louder now. It sounds like somebody applied a sordin to some of the instruments. I tried to get rid of it by going to preferences > midi filter and then adding cc11 in the controller panel but it didn’t help.
I don’t think it was cc7 because even if I turn up the volume or move the faders the sordin effect is still there.

I made a new track and had to click reset again and the same thing happened.
Also I don’t think Cubase should hang itself like that. If you buy something it should work…why does it happen?


The MIDI Implementation says: “When Reset All Controllers is received, all controller values are reset to their default values.” The Reset functions does exactly this, in Cubase.

So maybe, you setup some controller value different, then the default one, before.

I haven’t changed anything, maybe on accident then. I have no idea how to change it back though, is there a setup menu or something I should go to? Thanks


Yes, you can set Value of any MIDI Controller in the Key Editor, In-place Editor, or List Editor… But you have to know, how was your setup.