Instrument groups

Firstly, congratulations on a job well done. I think the vast majority of us here appreciate the work that’s gone into getting this program to the stage it’s at, and I’m sure we’re already looking forward to the updates that will be forthcoming. And my, what a learning curve - but of course that’s good for me/us!

Rather ambitiously (for me), my first project is a piece for double choir. I’ve got my head around grouping instruments but can’t seem to get the bracketing right. Is this just a v1.0 thing and it’ll be updated or am i missing something as it seems to be grouping all the same types of instruments together. I’ve tried the options in the brackets section of the engraving options but nothing seems quite right.

I also wondered about these forums getting clogged with requests for help or bug reports and wondered if there is a more central area for these?

The way it should work is that if you create two groups in the Players panel in Setup mode, each containing the requisite SATB voices, you should get separate brackets for each group, but unfortunately you don’t as yet. This will be corrected in the first post-release update.

Thank you, and thank you also for your hard work and patience through what must have been one of the busiest periods ever. Your (and the rest of the team’s) unfailing commitment to ‘customer service’ on these forums is really appreciated by me and many others.

I’m really enjoying using Dorico so far and and already starting to get a feel for how powerful it is and how intuitive it will become once change a few of my established workflows/mindsets!