Instrument/insert plugin control with Nektar controllers

Hey all

This is Tim from Nektar. I recently caught up with Sonicstate to shoot several videos regarding our controllers and the latest relates to Cubase/Nuendo.

We often get asked questions about the Panorama’s ability to control plugins so I thought I’d post this video to demonstrate our plugin map system in full.

I hope this goes some way to demonstrating just how beneficial the Panorama’s integration can be to your workflow.

If anyone has any further questions, please let me know.

Best Regards,


What a fantastic build Tim! :slight_smile:

I have one question.
How well does the Nektar Panorama control hardware synths?
Thinking about the options cubase offer to set up hardware synth as an instrument and how the Nektar Panorama can take control over it via cubase, or if a more direct approach is better.

Well for the direct approach, Panorama has several internal presets for hardware synths and you can route the MIDI from Cubase out of the external MIDI jack - allowing you to record the CC messages that control your hardware synth.

I have to say I am unclear as to whether the Panorama will see a hardware synth device panel on an instrument track - I don’t think it will. The SDK allows us to see an ‘instrument’ so it is dependent on what Cubase interprets that to mean. ;0) I will look into this.

However, Panorama also can also access the 8 Quick Controls - which you can link to pretty much any parameter on the selected track. In this case you will see the name of the quick control in the display.