Instrument Inspector bug

Hi Guys,

The inspector shows the instrument twice. I am not sure if this is by design but it looks like a bug,
and there are also two settings buttons. Clicking the arrow collapses one or the other.
If you guys going to tell me this is by design then it is such a waste of space. Why not have one window and add scroll like on the other windows if there is not enough space to have all settings visible?

Its not completely identical as you see, because the lower one does open some additional tabs, which are not accessible otherwhise.

But it is indeed a bit redundant. I would not call it a bug per se, but it could have been implemented better.

Matthias Quellmann (a member of the Steinberg team) also stated, that there is probably happening a rework of the inspector anyway and that they are trying to solve multiple issues at once by doing that. It was in a thread, where people talked about the “pin-tab” issue of the instrument inspector, hopefully that helps you!

Great to know this has already been recognised, and there is work in progress on this!

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