Instrument label above staff

Hi there,
Is there a way to make a ‚staff label’ appear ABOVE the staff?
Like to show the name of a singer just above the bar of her/his entry, while having the abbreviated name at the beginning of the staff.
Thanks so much for considering!

You can certainly add a singer’s name above his or her entrance using SHIFT+X Text, but it will not affect the instrument abbreviation at the start of the system. That would be a separate operation.

You can do it as a Divisi (which is a valid way of doing it, given a Divisi in Dorico can be just one stave). You’ll need to switch on Layout Options > Staves and Systems > Staff Labels > Divisi labels > Show divisi change labels above staves (if it’s not already on).

I’m not sure if this existed in 3.1.10. I can state categorically that the functionality was broken in 3.5.0 but restored in 3.5.10.

Thanks for the tip, Leo. Divisi feature is for section players, so the singers (obviously soloists) should be considered as section instead of solo players, right? I am just asking, because that’s something Steffano might not know yet. I have never used that trick (I used to write the names with shift-x and a special paragraph style to display the names of characters above the staff) but it might prove handy. Although you cannot have different characters on the same staff in one system, which is rather usual in opera vocal scores with condensed singers.

Good point - you’d need to use section players.

Sure you can have multiple different singers on the same stage and system. Just add another divisi change midway through the system.

Great! I didn’t know that was possible. I need to explore this. Thanks again!

Dear pianoleo & MArcLarcher,
thank you guys, your help is being much appreciated!