Instrument Labels great, but what about player labels?

I really like the new instrument label function. A lot of work has certainly gone into that. But I need something a little different. Maybe there is a work around, maybe not. But here is what I need to be able to do.

I am working on a multi-movement percussion ensemble. There are 7-9 players, depending on the movement. In the original score which I am trying to redo, the players are named and numbered - Player 1, Player 2, etc.

Here is where the issue is that I have… Player 1 plays Bells and Claves. In mvmt 1, the player uses Bells only. In movement 2 both instruments, and in mvmt 3 both instruments. If I change the name of the Bells to say Player 1, when the bells play again, I get “to Player 1” instrument change, not “to bells” as I would like. I get that, as I have changed the ‘bells’ to say ‘Player 1’.

With Dorico’s powerful use of players holding instruments, is there a way to label the player to say ‘Player 1’ etc., and to have it show on the top of the part, and in the margin of the conductor score? That way, I can still show labels above staff for what instrument is being played, while showing what player is playing that stave?


Yeah, sounds like we need an additional setting in the staff labeling section in Layout options to allow for player names instead of just instrument names, at least with solo players.

There’s no good way to do this at the moment, but I agree it would be useful to show the player’s name in some circumstances. This is on our backlog for the future.

What about setting up two Player 1? One named „Player 1“ the second „Player 1 „

That’s fine, ReRei, until you start looking at the instrument change labels in the part, which will automatically show “To Player 1”, when you want is “To Woodblock” or whatever. It gets boring when you’ve got 400 of them in a project.

OK, thanks guys. I appreciate all of the discussion and help.


Yes of course that’s what work arounds normally are. Boring and time consuming.

Would there (eventually) be a way to use/allow special tokens in the Staff Naming dialogue panel?
@playerName, @currentInstrumentName
@playerAbbrv, @currentInstrumentAbbrv

Hi everybody,

I’m running into this right now, writing for my students and thought it would be fun to have their names show up as staff labels! Any news on this?


No, but you can rename the instrument held by each player to be the student’s name instead.