Instrument labels in Condensed mode -

Does anyone know how to turn off these small instrument labels while it is in condensed mode?
see attachment

Thank you!
Instrument labels.png

You can hide these player labels in Engrave mode; I’m not sure if there is a global setting, though. I looked but couldn’t find anything; here’s the documentation:

Thanks Stephen…

Can you point me in the direction as the where you can hide the player labels in Engrave mode? It is not obvious to me.

I already went to engrave mode before posting this and all I found was this attachment, based on the link you sent… but no option to hide the instrument labels within the full score.

Thank you again.

Oh sorry! It’s in the bottom Properties panel, in Engrave mode.

Hi Stephen,

So I found what you were talking about, however, that is only to hide on an individual basis.

I want to be able to globally hide all of them… I hope someone else could maybe chime in to help us figure that one out.

Thank you again,

there is no such setting unfortunately. You have to take it one by one and do that.
But in condensing settings you can play around with rests and voices and you can have less labels in your score. But yeah, this is a chapter where condensing is not still very well maintained so far from my experience so you have to do it mainly manually.