Instrument labels in italian

Can someone explain me why some instrument labels are in english while some other are in italian? they where all created within the italian language preference in engrave mode but, for example, the transpositions are with anglo. letters instead of the italian (Fa Si etc). Even more, if i turn “plural” some instrument names it gives me the plural in eng. (like “flutes”).
The strange thing is that in the orchestral parts layout the transposition in in italian!
Thanks in advance.

The plural instrument names are not (fully) implemented yet. See @dspreadbury’s remark in this recent thread

I think the “correct” Italian -French - Spanish transposition words should be available in the Dorico 4 cycle. In the meantime, you can disable the transposition automatic display (in the Edit instrument name window) and write the whole thing as part of the instrument name.

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