Instrument language problem

Dear Dorico team,
I am taking advantage of all the new marvellous features we now have to revise some works done last year (version 2.2.1)
Symphonic work, with whole hand-condensed version. Now I need to bring new instruments and explode the hand-condensed staves, which is quite long but easy to do. The glitch I have now is when I add a Flûte (french language checked in Engraving options), I get a Flute. When I want a Hautbois, I get an Oboe and for a Basson, it’s a Bassoon… There clearly is a problem with instruments localization when I add these instruments. This is true both for the player name and the instrument name. Funny enough, the instrument picker window is correctly localized (at least for these instruments). I don’t remember this was the usual behavior, my feeling is that something has been broken… Could you check that for me, please?
[Edit] I see it is not the case for the horn… It shows Cor without me having to do anything. Strange! Same for Trumpet/Trompette.

Sorry for not looking into this sooner, but I have now done so, and it looks to me as if everything is working as expected for me. Are yo usure you’ve not overridden any of the default instrument names in the past? If you have, Dorico will be using your overridden defaults rather than the ones from the factory library; it doesn’t know what language your overrides are for, so it will use them regardless of the setting you have made in Engraving Options.

Dear Daniel,
Thanks for checking this. I am quite sure I did not change French names into English ones on purpose, because I really would never have to do that. Maybe a user error. I will check the behavior with new files and report back!

Ok, here’s what happens now when I open the classical orchestral template : the names are perfect in French (so that’s not a problem with defaults changed by mistake), but the font is not Bravura… I have this problem since I installed MTF fonts and Bopmusic, I hope I’ll nail the problem because I loose two minutes on every new project. Would you like me to send you the file that’s behaving weird, or do we consider it a glitch (I solved manually the issue on this file and have finished that work, and since the behavior is normal on new files, I don’t care too much about that) and move on ? I know you already have a lot on your plate (and it’s sunday) !

The issue you describe in this final post appears to be the same as the problem you are describing in this thread, which I’ll address there.

Indeed, I created that thread right after my post, since it’s a totally different issue. Thanks for your (everlasting) interest!