Instrument licensing

Sorry if this has been asked before, having trouble finding an answer if it has.

I’m developing my own Halion Instrument and want to make it available for other users to purcahse. I understand I can package it up for the free version of Halion, but I can’t work out if there would be any fee to do this as there with distributing instruments for Kontakt Player?

If anyone has some answers or a link to that kind of licensing informtaion I’d be grateful if you could let me know, thanks.

Hi @sma

As far as I know there is no fee involved if you want to sell your instruments on your own.

You could also try to join the Steinberg’s HALion Partners programme. I believe you can use the online shop, download assistant and they also provide you with copy protection. But in this case there probably is some fee involved. There is not much information about this available publicly so your best bet is to contact Steinberg directly and ask.