Instrument Mic not recording properly

I just bought a brand new sm57 Shure instrument mic. I have it plugged into my M-Audio interface to record into Cubase 6.5. But when I record it comes out muffled, very quiet and scratchy. The chord itself is fine, and I have another mic plugged into my M-audio that works fine. How do I trouble shoot this recording problem I’m having?

thank you!

When you monitor the input before recording does it sound okay?

yeah when I’m just hearing it in the headphones it sounds fine. It has now gotten a bit better, it’s not muffled and the volume is a bit better but there is still a buzz that is going on. When I plug the mic directly into an amp there is no buzzing/crinkling

For some reason, it has gone back to be incredibly quiet. Would anybody be able to help walk me through how to fix the input levels, I’ve been going through it in the Cubase manual but nothing is working and the sound is still reaaally quiet. thank you!

What M-audio interface is it, and which driver do you use in Cubase for it?