Instrument/midi won't playback until "note on" is triggered

Hey there,

I’m running Nuendo 7.1.35 on OSX 10.12.3. I’m having problems with the playback of instruments and midi tracks. I write a lot of orchestral film scores and sometimes have various instrument sustains going for the entire cue. With Nuendo 7 I will only hear that note play if I start playback before the note begins (ie. if I start playback in the middle of the cue, that note will no longer sound.) It gets really frustrating when I’m working with kontakt loops and I have to restart the 4minute cue from the beginning every time to hear the loop playback.

I never had any issues with Nuendo 6.5 doing this and have even ran Nuendo 7 on PC and it didn’t do this. Any suggestions?

Just a shot in the dark- Is it possible a change happened in Prefs>MIDI? Particularly “Chase not Limited to Part Boundary”?

Oh i found it! The preference for note chase was off! Thanks