Instrument missing from imported flow/xml

Imported an .xml to a project, “merging with existing players where possible”, and in the case of one of those players, they are missing one of their instruments; in galley view in the imported flow, they only show as alto saxophone, when this player has alto and tenor sax. This is quite confusing as I wasn’t aware it was even possible to hide staves in galley view.

If I instead choose to “create new players” then I can subsequently add the dual sax player into that flow and it displays correctly but I am going to be importing a lot of flows/xmls so this could be time consuming, pasting over information and deleting extra players and so on.

Attachments show 1) the “original” desired presentation in galley view, with the player’s two instruments, 2) the default presentation in the imported flow with the tenor sax stave missing, and 3) the “new players” solution with the dual saxophonist added in.

Any help much appreciated!

edit: xml originally created in Finale and exported via Finale Notepad, just in case this is relevant.

edit: in 2), if I remove the saxophonist from the flow, then re-add them then it displays correctly. A little less time-consuming than the method in 3) but still not ideal.

I’m afraid this is a bug when importing and merging with the existing players; if a particular instrument held by a player is not used in a flow, then it doesn’t get any (empty) voices created for it, so it doesn’t appear in the project. This bug will be fixed in the next major version of the software, but I’m afraid the kind of approach you’re taking for now is the only practical approach in the interim.


I suspected that might be the case, but no biggie! Thanks for your response.

For anyone with the same issue, the fastest workaround is to merge the players, remove the offending player from the flow and then re-add them (copying their material to the clipboard to avoid losing it).