Instrument Multi Output

I want multi outputs from a SSD 4 VSTi using an instrument track.
I’ve chosen the outputs from the controls in the right hand pane but the project does not give me the extra tracks.
It works fine in a MIDI track so that is what i’m using but, not in an instrument track
Any help would be appreciated.

These tracks are only visible in the mixer. They have no representation in the project.

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Thats correct. What im saying is they are not in the mixer.
Nothing happens at all

Can you clarify? Screenshot?

Have you Activated the Outputs?

Yep. Like i say, works fine if i use a MIDI track and do the same.
No biggy really ill just use A MIDI track in future.
Thanks for the replies guys.

What is the instrument in question here?
I tried it with Halion Sonic SE and Groove Agent, both work as expected.

Ouch sorry, they’re labelled differently and in a different place form one VSTi to another. So they are there.
In SSD4 they’re next to the original fader but with SSD5 they’re a few faders along so I thought they’re not there.
Sorry to waist time and Thank You for your help.