Instrument name AND group name in Dorico 4


I have been looking for the answer for a few hours now, and haven’t been able to figure it out.
Say that I have several percussionists, each holding several percussions. Some might switch between percussions, while other may play 2 percussions at the same time. In the staff label, I can have Percussion 1, Percussion 2 etc as group name, ok. But I haven’t been able to work out how to write the intrument name after the clef, at the beginning of the score. How can I have both an instrument name above each line on grid instruments AND a staff label name? If I have just the staff label name, it is not clear what instrument is on what line, if that makes sense?

Thank you for any help!

If your percussion players are holding separate percussion instruments, you could show the player name in the staff label but also show instrument change labels at the start of the flow. That will affect all players holding 2+ instruments, though.

An alternative is to show instrument names in staff labels for percussionists, but put them in groups and show player group labels. However, you can’t only show player group labels on the first system in a flow and not subsequent systems – they’re shown on all systems.

Thank you for your help Lillie, that was very helpful!