Instrument name and title of piece

I have been frustrated for several months now trying to get the name of the instrument and the name of the piece of music [TITLE] to appear on the top of every page. It is not the most important thing in my life at the moment, but today I picked up four scores that I have completed and suddenly worried that if I dropped them all, then it would take some time to put them back in order.
The instrument name appears at the top of every page by default. No Problem.
I have tried to use engraved mode before printing and I have tried to use project info. And then I tried to work with the master pages and the default pages, and tried to understand tokens with out success. All I achieve is making the instrument name disappear. I am sure that it must be simple, but at the moment I just don’t get it.
All my scores are stand alone, so I am not using multiple flows. so when I am filling in PROJECT INFO, I usually delete everything from the flow 1 and just fill in the project information. Is this correct? When I am ready to print I usually have to go to engrave mode and delete the number 1 for every part. Can I stop this from appearing on every part?
Lots of questions, but I somehow feel that they might all be linked.
Many thanks for any help.
Take Care

Hi @Piccolo – here’s a page from the First Steps guide that explains a bit about how information added to Project Info gets onto pages (although if you’re using Dorico 4, swap “master page” from 3.5 and earlier for “page template”, they’re the same thing just with a different name).

There’s also this page from the Dorico 4 manual that shows you what information is included on page templates by default in Dorico projects.

To show the flow title at the top of every page in part layouts, rather than the instrument name (or rather, the layout’s name):

  1. Open a part layout in Dorico
  2. Switch to Engrave mode
  3. Make sure the right zone is shown
  4. Double-click the Default page template (in the Default Part page template set – if a part layout is open, this should be the set selected for the part automatically)
  5. Double-click the text frame at the top of either side (left/right pages in the template)
  6. Swap the layout name token for the flow title or project title token, whichever one makes sense (if the project only has one flow, either will work if the title exists in both fields in Project Info; if the project contains multiple flows, then use the flow title token, as this will then update based on whichever flow is on a page).
  7. Click Apply at the top of the page template editor, then Close.

Result: in every part layout that uses the Default Part page template set, every page that uses the Default page template and is not already overridden, will update and display the corresponding information (i.e. the title).

As to whether you should enter information into the “Project” or “Flow 1” field in Project Info: that’s sort of academic in single-flow projects, but say you were working on a 4-movement symphony, the project title would be “Symphony whatever”, then each flow would be a movement with its own title, like “Allegro”.

To hide the “1. Flow 1” bit of text that appears below the project title on page 1, see below. If you start new projects from the Hub, you also have the option to tick/untick whether the project will contain multiple flows (which essentially switches the flow heading option on/off for you).

To show the flow title at the top of every page in part layouts, rather than the instrument name (or rather, the layout’s name):

Hi Lillie
Lots to read and think about there. Many thanks.
I actually would like the instrument name AND the title of the piece on every page. When I click on the top of the page in engrave mode. The name of the instrument is lost and then it reappears in a very large font. I have to use the edit and delete the changes to get back to where I was. I am using Dorico 4.
I created a default score so I don’t really use the HUB at the moment. But maybe I should set up a new default with the HUB to remove the FLOW 1 number.
I will read your suggestions and try to get some results later tonight.

Many thanks.

Take Care

Perhaps this article from Scoring Notes might help expand on the topic, as even though it’s a few years old, it’s all still relevant and well-explained:

DON’T DO THIS!. You need to change the tokens in the page template.

Double click on the default to edit it.

You will see (zoom in) in the header something like:

This is the token for layout name.
Double click to edit the header zone. Move your cursor to where you want the Flow Title to appear. Then Right click to show the menu of tokens you can add. Select Flow Info>Title. It will appear enclosed in curly brackets.

Lastly click the the copy L>R button, click Apply and Close.

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While I recommend learning everything Lillie so helpfully points out, I also highly recommend Scoring Express from This supplies templates that might serve all your needs. Then you can simply cut and paste your score into the template and save a lot of time.
I bought them and found them very time saving.

Totally! I bought the template and then changed a few things to suit me. Was so helpful.

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Also, keep in mind that any page where you have already created a page override will not update when you revise the page template. Any pages with overrides will have a red triangle like page 3 here:

If you are changing the page template and want to see your changes reflected on a page with an override, you’ll need to remove any overrides first.


Many many thanks to everyone for your help.
I followed Janus for about 15 minutes and was getting nowhere and thinking, here we go again.
Then I read down and found the comment from FredGUnn. That did it.
So for the first time in several years I can now add the title and instrument name to the top of every page. Like everything else in life " it is so easy when you know how"

Thanks again.