Instrument name - Clarinets in A and Bb

The question is only a minor problem. Dorico is really an advanced program already. Many thanks to the developers.

I am writing for a wind Nonet. Clarinet 1 and Clarinet 2 players both play A and Bb clarinets. But in the score they are named Cl.1 and 2, and Cl. 3 and 4. I have changed the names in SetUp window to “1.Clarinet in A and Bb” and “2.Clarinet in A and Bb” - and also in Engrave window.

  1. How to change the players name correctly in the score?
  2. Why do Dorico only write “to cl.” when changing from A to Bb-clarinet? “To Bb-cl.” would be better.
  3. Is it possible to decide where “to cl.” appears.? The picture below place the change a clumsy place. 2 bars later would be more elegant. I have tried to write a text in bar 121 to obtain this - in vain.

Yours Arne Dich
Siegfried Problem.png

hmmm… If you’ve added 2 clarinet players and given them each a Bb and and an A clarinet, you should never see them labeled as 3. and 4…

  1. D. does indeed omit the transposition when going TO what it probably thinks is the common clarinet… I agree it should definitely say “to Bb clar.” in this case…
  2. don’t think so… I’m miles away from any text book on these subjects, but I would think an instrument change should be announced asap… at least that’s what I’ve always done in my copyist career and I don’t recall any complaints :wink:

Have you updated to Dorico 1.0.30? If you did update it, did this score start life in an earlier version?

I agree with fratveno, I don’t think this should happen in the latest version, but IIRC there were some issues like this about numbering players in the earliest version(s) of Dorico.

The player name is used for default name of the layout for that player’s part.

The staves in the score use the instrument names that are held by the player.

In Setup mode, click the arrow to the left of the Player name. You can then see the instruments held by that player. Click the arrow to the right of the instrument name to get a menu of things you can do, including editing the instrument name.

Thank youboth for the answers.
I have the latest version of Dorico 1.03.
The score was started in an earlier version - started with an xml-file.
I now have changed the 1. clarinet name also in its “submenus” . You can see the result in the score.
Siegfried Problem_003.png
Siegfried Problem_002.png

Here is a picture of one of the clarinets submenu.
Siegfried Problem_004.png

If you can either zip up and attach or email to me your project file, I can take a look and see if I can figure this out.

The problem with MusicXML is that it doesn’t really define the semantics of what instrument names mean - they are just text. So Dorico has to “guess” which parts of the imported name are the key transposition, the player number, etc.

If you haven’t solved this already, it might be better to rename the imported instruments as something else (i.e NOT clarinets), create some new clarinet players and instruments (which should give you the correct names and numbers), copy the music onto the new instruments, and then delete the old ones.

Hi Daniel.
Thank you for help. I have send you my score.
Greetings Arne Dich

“A little secret”:

I have found that if anyone ever wants more control over the naming of an instrument, you can preface the name with a “space”. This will eliminate the automatic numbering and may be a possible solution for users under certain contexts.

Thank you very much. I will try it soon.

Arne, I didn’t receive your project – did you send it to d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de?

I send it “PM” to you with a link to the zip. But I will resend it now to the address above.

That’s a great tip.

Could Daniel chime in on whether this is “canonical”, or if it’s just a happy bug? I would say there’s value in being able to override the automatic numbering, or rather in having more control over the naming.

It is correct that Dorico will not number an instrument if it has been overridden by the user, even if the override is only to add a space at the start or end.