Instrument name confusion in French

Hello everyone,

In French viola is names « alto .» So is the alto voice for a singer in the choir. As I am using both strings and choir at the same time, I get the Alto I followed by Alto II even thought they are not the same instrument.

How could I get them separated ? Or at least to get rid of the automatic numbering ?

Thank you,


If you put them into separate groups in Setup mode, they will also be numbered separately.

Thanks for the advice, Daniel, but when I create a new ensemble with the choir, I get « Alto III » adding up to the already in place « Alto I » (choir) and « Alto II » (viola). I also tried at first to create another section player but getting the same result. I avoided to create another solo player as I want to get the full advantage of the divisi.

The project is made of different pieces brought together to form a collection of music for a choir show. Therefore, I am a bit aware that part of the problem was the importation of the songs into the main project file. I realized pretty soon I had to change the setup of some players from solo player to section player. Up to now it is fine except for this Alto confusion. By the way, I have no regret switching to Dorico!

No, I mean groups of players in the Players panel in Setup mode, as described here.

Works like a charm! :slight_smile:

Thank you, Daniel