Instrument name display options

I’m working on an SATB w/piano score and I have two questions about instrument labels (I guess more accurately referred to as instrument names, but what I’m talking about is the text to the left of the staff):

  1. How can I hide the Piano instrument label while still showing the vocal instrument labels?
  2. I have a 3-part arrangement and a 4-part arrangement. I’ve got a “tenor 3-part” player and a “tenor 4-part” player, and they’re assigned to respective layouts and all is great. Except, in the layouts themselves, they are showing up as Tenor I and Tenor II, which is a nice little thing Dorico does, except that in this instance I don’t want those numbers. How do I fix it so they just say “Tenor” in each layout?

Thank you!

  1. If you don’t ever need to show the piano label on the left of the staff, you can edit that name and input " " (space) instead of “Piano”. You can do that in Setup mode, click the > next to the name of the player, it turns into a chevron with a list in which Edit name appears :wink:
  2. Have you tried to change one of the tenor names with, for instance, a non-breakable space after the name (alt-shift-space) ? Not sure it works, but still worth the try.

I was at least able to get around the tenor/bass problem by changing the name of the player. Since I never needed to display the full name, I could change it to whatever I wanted and the abbreviated name would still be “T.” Your idea sounds very likely to work though.