Instrument name format

In creating a score, the short name for Klarinette in C is automatically formatted as

in C

which is what I want.

However, the horns and trumpets are formatted:

Hr. in C
Trp. in C

How do I change the format for the horns and trumpets to match that of the clarinets, please?



What are your settings as described here? If they’re different, have you perhaps changed the default instrument name for the Clarinet but not the others (or vice versa) and therefore you’d see a difference in the Edit Instrument Names dialog for the corresponding instrument?

I went here and changed the layout (I had to adjust the clarinet name to avoid an extra line break), so that they now look like this.

Is it possible for the first stave to be on one line and subsequent ones on separate lines, and the names centred in the space, rather than flush right, as below:



For the alignment, that’s part of the corresponding paragraph style.

I think the setting for instrument transposition applies to both long and short staff labels.

But thank you for your help! :smiley: