Instrument name inconsistency (Bug?)

I’m experiencing something weird with the naming of instruments in the setup panel. After editing the name of some transposing instruments, they retain the transposition in parenthesis as part of the instrument name; other instruments don’t have this same behaviour.

I’m not talking about the instrument labels, they are working as intended. It only affects the instrument name, and the instrument name token on the respective instrument parts. In my example, the alto saxophone does not show a parenthesized transposition in the instrument name, but the tenor and the baritone do.

Is this a setting I’ve missed? Or is it a bug?

Dorico Version (Mar 10 2023)

The instrument name token where on the part layout? If it’s the top left corner, by default that references the layout name token, which resolves to whatever the layout’s called in the right panel of Setup mode.

Yep, that would be the layout name, I guess.

I’m still wondering why some instrument names (as you see them assigned to the players in the setup tab) have transposition in parenthesis that I can’t get rid of, and others don’t…

You haven’t missed a setting and it’s not a bug. It’s just dumb. You have to delete it every time you add a Tenor Sax. (or Soprano or Bari.) in a new file. Thankfully at least it’s not on Alto, but it’s completely pointless as there are no other transpositions for those instruments. Just delete it and move on.

How do you delete it?

Assuming you’re still talking about the layout name, by double-clicking it in the right panel of Setup mode and deleting the bit you don’t want.

Gif below:

It’s certainly on my wish list that we don’t have to do this in future versions. If anyone doing vocal work had to start with “Alto (Concert)” in every vocal SATB score they would see deleting pointless transposition info gets annoying quickly.

I am able to change the layout name and the player name, but I am unable to change the instrument name. Maybe this is just my OCD, but it drives me nuts that the sax instrument names are not consistent.

Please explain where on the page you’re struggling to hide the transposition.

I know no means of hiding it from the left panel of Setup mode. If that’s the only place affected, your OCD may just have to cope with it.

As soon as you delete it from the left panel in Setup as in my gif above, the right panel will automatically update with the revised name as well. Don’t change the right panel first or you’ll have to do it twice.

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I think you’re right that I just have to cope with it, and that it is a minor complaint. But still, I hope this gets fixed in a new version. Having to manually change the player name every time I add 3 of 4 saxes to any new score is quite annoying (especially since 99% of what I write is for different combinations of saxes + various ensembles). If only they were consistent…

I guess I’ll just make templates for each combination of saxes, and then use them as a starting point to add more instruments.

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