Instrument name language

Hi, what about this:

Default instrument name set to Italian.
In the instrument selection menus it is in English.
Result when creating a flute player: German.

The player name in the menu is maybe supposed to stay in English, since that is the language set for the UI, but the german Flöte?

Check what your setting is here:


It works for me – make sure you’ve set the option below to reset the names of existing instruments.


Thanks, that works.

It seems though that there is something wrong with this particular file. I can, by setting that option, change existing instruments to Italian names, but it is very strange that creating a new player gets “Flöte”. Tried with some other instruments – also “Fagott” and “Horn” get the german name, all the others italian.

XML import?

No, but a template created in version 3 or 2.

It sounds like you have at some point edited the names for those instruments in that project file.