instrument name now shows as instrument track name?!!

im not sure if it started from 7.5.20(i mostly work on midi at studio which has cubase 7,and me personally have 7.5.20))

anyway i noticed if i have instrument track, and i open another midi track to chose that Vsti from instrument track, instead of showing the vsti name on the list it shows the vsti track name.

for example ,i create instrument track with HSSE name the track guitar, now when i want to chose the HSSE for midi track in the output list in the inspector, i see the name"guitar" instead of the actual vsti HSSE !

Steinberg considers this a feature, but they might change their mind.

Its not the same case… i didnt know that also… i never change vsti probably :slight_smile:
its actually the opposite… when i rout midi track to instrument track,in the list of midi output it shows the instrument track name insted of vsti actual name…!

Humm, that’s odd and not what I’m seeing. I just verified, when I route the output of a midi track, the list that pops up shows me the names of the VSTi’s and not tracks. Actually looking at it I’d prefer the track names 'cause right now I’m seeing 8 different HSSE’s with no way to tell which is which besides selecting a track and seeing which VSTi gets selected.

Maybe there’s a preference? After looking I can’t find one.

u can rename the vsti from the rack, just Double click on the “big” name there and change it. which now i can see also the vsti name in the list, but when i change the instrument track name it changes the vsti name again. hummm. well i can live with that, but still annoying if Vsti name in the list always changes if i rename the track.

Edit: i can understand the logic of it for none multitimbral vsti, but for multi timbral it can confuse