instrument names and hiding empty staves

When I use the hide empty staves option and e.g. the choir starts later then I need the option to show the instrument names of the singers in full length when they start. In the next system the names can be shortened or left away.

As far as I could find out this is not yet possible. Or have I missed something?

As other users also experienced there are often problems with xml imported files and hiding staves. Is this improved in the upcoming 1.1 version?


I’ll be curious to hear an official reply. I think this might simply require manual labeling with shift-x text boxes for the time being.

Dear fellow Doricians,
I think you unveil an interesting problem here. Maybe the option of hiding staves — except at the beginning — could be improved with an option, like hide the full names except at the beginning of their first appearance, instead of the beginning of the score… Just an idea :wink:

You could start a new flow at the point where the choir comes in, if it would be sensible to have a system break at that point. Flows don’t have to start on a new page.

Depending on the length of the names, it might look strange to have a system where most of the instrument names are abbreviated and a few are not - but that’s your choice of course.

Hi Marc. That’s exactly what I would like to have.
You understood me :smiley:

Hi Rob. Thanks for the workaround. I hope an easier solution will come in the future.

That is a good idea.
I can alternatively see the engraving mode have the translucent signposts for each name at the start of each system so that you could click on a sign post for the instrument labels and optionally hide or display them. If the text is there you could click it, but if it was missing a sign post could allow you to click to display it with a toggle for full or abbreviated.

It is correct that you cannot currently override the display of full/short instrument names as staff labels on a per-system basis, and Rob’s suggestion of using a new flow will work fine (I have employed this solution myself on occasion). In the future we plan to introduce a “staff label change” event that would allow you to change the staff label settings for an individual system or ongoing.

Hi Dan - was this ever implemented? It would be very handy, especially for choral works e.g. soloists. It occurs to me that unhidden staffs could display names in a number of ways - in choral scores for example they’re often displayed above the staff when a new voice comes in. Perhaps a “display full name when unhidden” in the hide instrument options, with a couple of options of how to display?

The new flow thing is a good idea - very similar to Sibelius “Section End” which was never quite satisfactory…


It was implemented in that you can set staff labels to Full/Abbreviated/None at any System Break or Frame Break. It is a property of the Break, so you must insert a System Break or Frame Break (even if that means adding a break at what is already the beginning of a system or frame) in order to see the Staff Labels property in the bottom panel.

As to showing names above the system when new voices appear, there’s provision for this within the Divisi functionality, but not if you’re working with individual instruments (voices) that appear and disappear.

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Ah brill, thanks Leo