Instrument names control?


I need to have “Trompettes en ut” in the margin as the full name on full score page 1 (for C Trumpets). Is this possible ?


I’m not sure if I understand you correctly. Do you mean, that at the e.g. top of the full score (which shows all staves) there should be written »Trompettes en ut«?
If yes, you could change the layout name of the full score. -> setup mode -> right column: change the name of the full score layout to »Trompettes en ut«. In engrave mode (master page layout – first page) create a text field at the desired position and type in {@layoutname@}.
If you mean the scores for the trumpets its the same procedure with the single layouts.

My understanding is that it ought to be possible natively in next version of Dorico, although nothing is guaranteed :wink:
Otherwise, open the players card in Setup mode, press the chevron next to the instrument to open the sub-menu and choose Edit name… There, input Trompette en ut (this is for staff name, for the layout name, follow Pepinello’s advice) and change the setting at the bottom of the Edit name window : follow transposition to never. Otherwise, you’ll get Tompette en ut (in C) in your score, which is not desirable.

Or if you want to change the name of the trumpets in C to Trompettes in ut, do this:
go to setup mode
in the left column you can see all players – including the trumpets
click on the arrow left to the trumpet – a blue instrument appears
click on the arrow right to the blue trumpet – a popover appears
in the popover select »change name« or similar (third one)
then you can type in the full name (Trompette in ut) in the upper white window and the abbreviated name in the lower white window
at show transposition (at the bottom of this popover window) select »never«
Klick ok.
Thats it.

Thanks very much guys. Valuable info!!