Instrument names dutch

is there a way to change the instrumentsnames in dutch before to add a new player? And I do not want to make a Template for this. So please could this be a new feature, more languages to choose.
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No, I’m afraid Dorico does not provide Dutch-language instrument names.

Just for clarity’s sake: you CAN, however, re-name the instruments after they are added.

I would add that once you’ve renamed them, you can save those as default. My guess is, if you choose first a language you won’t use for instruments (Portuguese ?) and change manually the names to Dutch, saving them as Default, you will have all your instruments available in your language. Granted, this is a lot of work… but doable, probably.

Out of curiosity, what language for instrument names is used by Dutch publishers who aim at an international market as well as local? Dutch? I’m guessing Italian.

I know, but everytime changing all the names is annoying. So I was hoping for a better solution.

I Think English, but I’m writing a lot of music for projects on primary school and therfore I like to use the Dutch instrument names

I will try that, thnx!

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Nowadays, most new scores are in English but historically you see all sorts, depending a lot on the nationality of the publisher: mainly German and some French up to the early 20th century. Things published in NL appear to mostly reflect the language the composer used: often Italian, sometimes Dutch. But obviously, things meant for children are best left in Dutch.