Instrument Names Glitch?

Something interesting came up while changing and renaming instruments in my score. I got what I wanted and it shows properly in page view (see photos with newly named baritones TC and BC), but when I switch to galley view, although it shows baritones at the beginning, I begin scrolling and it shows euphonium (the instrument whose name was changed). Not that it matters in the long run, but I am curious to know why.

Euphonium must be the name of the player, who plays the Baritone Saxophones.
How does it look in your Setup Mode?

@Art51tra, thank you. And what does one see, if you click on that triangle to the left of the player’s name?
(which will open and show the instruments that players is holding)

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Aha. Something I did not expect or even suspect after editing the instrument name. thank you!

To clarify:

  • Player names are what’s displayed in each card in the left panel in Setup mode
  • Instrument names are what’s set for individual instruments held by those players
  • Layout names are what’s displayed in the right panel in Setup mode, and appears at the top of part layouts by default

Staff labels generally show instrument names, but can optionally show player names instead.

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So I have learned. Thank you.