Instrument Names in Page View

I have a singer (Mezzo-Soprano) singing a character called ‘Olive’. I’ve edited the instrument name in Setup, and it shows correctly in Galley view, but in page view it reverts to ‘M-S’ after the first page. Anyone help?

In the rename dialog, the bottom field is for the abbreviated name shown on subsequent systems.

Yes I’ve done that, but it makes no change in Page view.
It’s worked correctly on most of the other character names - but not all!

This would be something really new… I’ve been Engraving vocal scores for five years and the staff labels always behaved as they had to. Can you post a cut down version of your file?

I agree - it’s always worked in the past for me too. I’ll try and get round to uploading an example.

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Are you perhaps using the new option in Dorico 4 to use the player name instead of the instrument name? Check on the Staves and Systems page of Layout Options.

Yes I’ve done that right (I think) - screenshot attached.

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Does setting Staff labels for subsequent systems to Full solve your problem?

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