Instrument names in plurial?

In the Help manual, it states:

Singular names is used when staff labels are shown by default, Plural names is used when the staff contains multiple players.

In my condensed staves for the “Cors”, I’d like the stave to read “Cor” when just 1 horn, and “Cors” when there are 2 instruments on that condensed stave. Is this possible?

I’m about 95% sure that Plural Names haven’t actually been implemented. Sure, the boxes exist in the Edit Instrument Name dialog, but I don’t think they ever do anything.

I may be wrong, of course!

Thanks @pianoleo. If there’s some way to make them work, I’d sure like to know it!

Leo’s correct; at the moment, only the singular names are used, but it’s certainly planned for the future that the plural ones should be used when appropriate.