Instrument names in score

Hey everybody,

I have two questions regarding labeling staffs in scores.

1.: When I have a big score with orchestra and several vocal parts (mostly for musical theatre) I prefer the vocal staffs in the score not to be labled. Is this in any way possible? I tried to delete the names in the player-properties window, but Dorico is so kind to number them as soon as there is more then one player with no name.
I know the Dorico hast a “player oriented” strategy (which I really appreciate in general) but it would be super helpful if I could use some unlabeled staffs for the the smaller singing parts to share, in opposite to create a player for every part in the show that sings one bar solo…

2.: I use often multi reed player in an orchestral context and would prefer, that their names in the score only appear as Reed 1, Reed2, etc., and not always with the instrument that’s in use at that moment.

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  1. Layout Options—Staves and Systems. That’s where you set labels to show or hide.

Hey Dan, thanks for your quick response.

I found this, but as far as I understand this, you can select the “show or hide” only for every instrument in the layout.
I want only the vocal staffs to hide the name and all other staffs to show them…

IIRC putting the several vocal staves into different Groups will prevent them from being numbered.

Or you could try to give the singers staff labels consisting of a (varying) number of spaces. As long as they’re different, Dorico will not number them.

@PjotrN: Thank you! That does the trick.

Anyone with an idea for my second question? This would also be useful for my percussion parts, wich I prefer to name PercussionI and Percussion II in the score and indicate the changes above the staff.



Unfortunately, it’s not (yet) possible to use Player names as staff labels…

Thank you.

+1 for player names as staff labels, especially for percussion.

I think Daniel commented a few days ago it’s on the roadmap for a future version.

It would be great to have that.
And I agree, that also on percussion this would be super helpful for my work.

Yes, that would be wonderful …