Instrument names like "Horn 1/2" and "Horn 3/4"

For an Orchestral work (Finale xml-import) I have e.g. 2 Horn systems. System 1 ist Horn 1,2, the lower one is Horn 3,4. Dorico makes nonsense like „1 in F 1“ and „3 in F 4“… What do I have to change? If I change the instruments in setup mode, line 1 is „Horn in F 1“ and line 2 ist „Horn in F 2“. What can I do to change to „Horn in F 1,2“ and „Horn in F 3,4“, or, even better, „Horn“ and then 1 written above 2? Thanks, Jürgen

Welcome to the forum, Jürgen. Dorico doesn’t currently support multiple instruments belonging to separate players on a single staff, which is why you end up with this kind of peculiar naming after importing MusicXML files (not that Finale supports this any more than Dorico does, of course). You can go to the Players page of Layout Options and tell Dorico not to display transpositions in staff labels, and that will help somewhat. Please see here for more help.