Instrument names localisation in 3.1.10

Dear Team,
I love the new localisation feature added in this last version. You probably know about it, but I still write a post about it : the name of the note is not localised. I now have Clarinette en C (where I had Clarinette in C) so we’re not far from perfect… but what would be awsome (and clean) would be to have Clarinette en Do or Clarinette en Ut (as an option).
Thank you for the hard work !

There’s still more work for us to do here, as you know, Marc.

It sounds like Japan is not the only country which use Do/Re/Mi/Fa/So/La/Si as absolute pitch names (i.e. Fixed Do / Ult).
(I already get customed to 12-tone Movable Do solfege.)