Instrument names not changed for Cue

I’m scoring a piece with a Basso Continuo (single) line, but there isn’t an instrument with that name. I’ve used Theorbo** and changed the name of the Player and Instrument to Basso Continuo. However, the Cue name still appears as “Theorbo”. While not entirely unsatisfactory, I’d prefer my choice of name.
(Similarly, in an opera score, I’d want the character’s name, not “Soprano 1”.)

How can I get it to change? Or is there another way?

** The Theorbo is also doing some octave transposition, as happens for some bass instruments according to threads past. If there’s another instrument without that, that would be better.

You should be able to change the cue text in the properties panel.

For every cue? :open_mouth: It may come to that, but I’d prefer a more general solution, if there is one!

If you change the instrument short name, cues should be updated automatically (unless you changed the cue ‘Start text’ property.) If you however change the instrument, cues from the old instrument will be removed, as they refer to instruments rather than players, (this is not ideal, but the expected behaviour currently.)