Instrument Names Suddenly Disappeared

Hey guys! I was messing around with the different features, and I think it was after I imported a MusicXML file from a different program (MuseScore), both the full and abbreviated names for instruments suddenly disappeared. I thought this was simply an issue with importing a janky file, but I soon discovered that it affected new projects as well. When I create a new project, the names for the instruments don’t show up on the score anymore. When I edit the instrument names in the Setup tab, the actual text is stored where it should be; it’s just not being displayed. Is there a way to make them visible again? If not, is there a way to reset the program to factory settings? Thanks!

Check your Layout options > Staves and systems
And yes, you can revert to factory settings (you probably saved as default to hide the names in first and following systems). Press the alt key while the options window is active and check the left bottom button. It changes to revert to factory settings.

That worked. Thanks!