Instrument names wrong language


I have my instrument names set to italian, and that’s what I see in the list, but when assign them to players they show up in german instead. No idea why. Is there anything I can do to change this?


The Engraving Option only affects new instruments (or perhaps new players). Are you trying to apply it retrospectively, perhaps? If so, you’ll need to go Edit Names for each instrument and click the Reset to Default button. There’s a Reset Instrument Names function that will reset them all in one go, hiding in Preferences > Key Commands, to which you can assign a key command, but I don’t believe it’s on a menu anywhere.

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Thanks Leo. Good to be reminded about that hidden shortcut.
No, this happens to new players getting instruments. I just added a horn section. Funnily enough, when I deleted the section and added one player with Corno (F, no key sig) it showed up in Italian.