Instrument Names XML Import

I imported a XML File created on Sibelius. Everything works fine, except the instrument names now appear as: P1, P2 etc. I changed the names in the Setup Window (double click on P1, write in the instrument, return), easy so far. The new names now show up in the individual voices, but not in the full score view (still P1 etc). How can I change these names too?

You’re editing the player’s name, which is not used for the staff labels: instead, you need to edit the name of the instrument held by the player (this makes sense if you consider the doubling case). Expand the Player card, click the little chevron that appears when you hover over the name of the instrument being held by the player, and choose Edit Names to get to the relevant settings.

Thank you! That’s just the same problem I’ve been having, and that tells me how to solve it, partially at least.

This is in fact the case you described: a woodwind player who doubles. (This is a number from a 1943 musical.) It was imported as Reed 1, but that player is playing Bb Clarinet at this point. I can now change the display name on the score to Clarinet 1, but the music still displays at concert pitch. I added Clarinet to the player’s listing, so that player is now playing Reed 1 (displayed in score as Clarinet 1) and Clarinet 1. It does not really believe that the instrument Reed 1 is a Clarinet, as the music is untransposed (I have chosen Transposing Score). But if I delete the instrument Reed 1, its music disappears too. How do I transfer Reed 1’s music to Clarinet 1, all within the player Reed 1? Or should I start all over again? (Which I don’t mind doing, this is just for fun and to make myself learn how this process works.)

And how do I correct the bracketing and grouping of instruments in the score? They came through the XML conversion oddly grouped (Bass separate from other strings for instance), and I was quite willing to do plenty of cleanup, but I don’t yet see how.

At the moment, you may find the best thing is to copy the music from the imported Reed 1 instrument to your newly-added Clarinet instrument to be sure it is acting you mean it to.

Bracketing can be set in Engraving Options, which can be found in the Engrave menu in Engrave mode (or by pressing Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+E). Select the Brackets and Braces category in the left-hand sidebar and choose from one of the common configurations of ensemble.

However, it sounds to me that the Bass has imported as something other than a Double Bass (perhaps a Bass singer, or a Bass guitar, for example), which is what it sounds like you need. Again, the best course of action today would probably be to create a new Double Bass player that will automatically bracket correctly with the rest of the strings, and copy the music to that player. In the future we imagine being able to change a particular instrument that has existing music, but that’s not possible right now.

I am trying to do the same thing. It says Clarinet in Bb 1 in the score and I want it just to say Clarinet 1 in the score. How can I change that?

When I click on the player and edit its instrument it just says Clarinet not Clarinet in Bb but it shows up as Clarinet in Bb in the score.

Nick Farrell

In Setup mode, go to the Setup / Layout Options menu, Staves and Systems page, untick “Show transposition in staff labels”.

OK, how do I do that? I acknowledge that it’s only a day old for me and I’m an ultra-beginner with editing. But only the Reed 1 instrument is visible on the score, so how do I copy its contents into the staff for an instrument that’s not visible on the score?

If you go into Galley View (in the View menu) you should see all the staves for your Reed 1 player.

In Page View, Dorico will automatically create instrument changes, so you only see one stave corresponding to the instrument the player is actually playing.

Same quote as 2 messages above, because now, hours later, my question is: how do I even do that? I admit I haven’t read every topic in the forum, but I’ve looked around, and also on the Help pages, and I haven’t seen a way to select everything on a staff and copy it to another staff. Is there a way to do that?

No, at present there is no way to select everything on a staff or staves, but this will be addressed in a future update. For now you will need to drag out a selection using the mouse and copy (Ctrl/Cmd+C) and paste (Ctrl/Cmd+V) from the Reed 1 instrument staff to the Clarinet staff. I know it’s a bit cumbersome, but as I say we shall address this as soon as we can.