Instrument names

Have just installed v.2.1, though only had a quick look around. Is it possible to edit instrument names as follows:

I do much of my work with 19th century Italian Opera and would like, for example, the horn lines to ne labelled as follows:

Corni I/II in Fa. I can get Corni I/II in Fa in F, but can’t get rid of the original ‘in F’ bit!

Also, there didn’t appear to be in the list of horn keys, horns in A and Ab. I’ve encountered the former frequently, the latter less often.

Maybe for both of the above I’m going to have to create a custom instrument. If so, is this complicated?

Many thanks,

Ian Schofield

If you’re going to override the transposition terms, from “in F” to “in Fa” yourself, then just turn off this option in Layout Options:

As to horns in A and Ab, have you looked here?

Wonderful! No, I hadn’t looked there. Very many thanks for your speedy reply.

Ian Schofield

Another thought, regarding the issue of turning off transpositions in staff labels:
In Dorico 2.1 you can do this on a per-instrument basis if you need to.
In Setup mode, click the arrow next to a player to expand the card. Then click the little arrow to the right of the instrument and choose Edit Names. I’ve highlighted the relevant option:

I’ll investigate this more fully, once again thanks for your help.

Ian Schofield