Instrument Names

When an orchestral score is condensed:

  1. Is it possible to label, for example, Flutes 1 and 2 as 2 Flutes, rather than Flutes 1, 2 etc. for woodwind. I can achieve the 2 before Flutes, but don’t seem able to remove the subsequently redundant 1, 2.
  2. With four horns, say 1 and 2 in Eb and 3 and 4 in Bb. Can that be condensed and labelled as 2 Horns in Eb and 2 Horns in Bb.

Many thanks

No, at the moment you can only label them as e.g. “Flute 1.2”, not “2 Flutes”. The same goes for horns.

Thanks for letting me know. I will look forward to this being possible at some stage.