Instrument Names

Hi. I seem to be wasting an awful lot of time trying to get rid of extraneous numbers added to instruments in my scores. For example, Viola appear as Viola I; Violoncello to Violoncello I; etc.
I have followed the help files, changing name using Rename, trying to edit names in Player panel, etc. But, whatever I do, the numbers appear after the player.
It is a silly thing, but I cannot get rid of them easily… and I cannot afford to waste so much time on this.
Help appreciated, please

This should only happen when you have two players with identically named instruments.
Do you have duplicate viola or cello players in your setup?

Numbers are added if there is more than one of the same instrument name in the same Player Group. If you don’t want numbers, then change the name of ONE of them, by adding a Space after it, so that it is ‘different’.

We might need to see a document to see exactly what’s going on.

Thank you… I am not aware of more than one instance of each player - unless they’re hidden and I have done something stupid when I set up the template.
I will try the addition of SPACE.

Ha. You are right - don’t know how, but there is another instance of each instrument. Don’t know how I managed to do that! Thank you

Deleted spurious players - problem solved! Many thanks

You must have stumbled on the undocumented “featherbedding” feature for 1950’s Broadway scores. :sunglasses: