Instrument Names

I successfully renamed the instruments in the ‘set-up’ area, so that Italian, rather than English would be used. How do I get this to be reflected in the score, please - if it’s currently possible?

Ian Schofield

Hi Ian,

How did you rename the instruments? In order to show all instrument names in Italian, open Engraving Options (Engrave mode > Engrave menu > Engraving Options or press Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+E), select the ‘Language’ category in the left-hand sidebar and change the instrument names language to Italian. Once you have done this, any new players added to the project will have their instruments displayed in Italian.

If you double-click the Player name in Setup mode and rename it, that will not change the instrument labels used in the score. This is to be used in such circumstances as when you want to rename your player holding, for example, Clarinet in A, Alto Sax and Baritone Sax to “Reeds 1”. This does not affect the instrument labels in the score, however the corresponding part layout will display a “Reeds 1” label at the top of each page.

If you click the little disclosure arrow to the left of the Player name, it opens the Player card to show all of the instruments that player is holding. Now when you hover over the actual instrument and click the arrow that appears you have the option of editing the names of the instrument that display in the score.

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I’d done it exactly as you describe in your second paragraph. I’m sure that this will help, many thanks.


Semi-related question: How can we edit the actual instrument properties? Like, say, we’re entering a 19th century score that calls for Bass Clarinet in A.

I’m afraid it’s not quite possible to edit the actual instrument definitions or add new instruments to Dorico. We shall certainly be doing more work in this area however to accommodate these kinds of requests.

Thanks Anthony. Customized instruments will be a big help for me, as I’m a liturgical composer and “congregation,” “presider,” and “descant” comes up often in my work.

Hello, please help!

somehow my score does not have instrument names. How do I turn on the instrument names? Thank you in advance, I have been searching for over an hour everywhere with no luck,

Best regards

Layout Options (CTRL+SHIFT+L) > Staves and Systems

I found it!

Thanks anyway.

Now I don’t get to change the instrument font. Help…

Thank you so much, Derrek…

Derrek, do you know how to change the instrument font?

Engrave menu, Paragraph Styles. There are two categories you might want to change - Staff Labels and Instrument Change Labels.

Hello Rob,

Thanks a lot.

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Is there an option to change the language of the instrument names retrospectively? If not, this is a feature suggestion :wink: Thanks!

No, not yet, but it is on our wish list for the future.

Thank you so much for your response - I should keep track of my posts much more regularly!