Instrument not being used showing up in Part

Hi there,

I’m working on a project and currently doing parts it. I have a wind quintet and the flute player doubles alto flute. In the part, for this specific flow, the Alto Flute is showing up even though it’s not being used in this piece. It shows up both in the score and the part. I already tried everything but can’t seem to hide that staff. Working with Dorico 5. Any idea what’s going on? Thanks!

What is this option set to in that Layout?

Hi Daniel,

“Allowing Instrument Changes” is checked in the layout.

It happens randomly with some flows. Most of the other flows work great - only one staff and it changes instrument. This flow I took a screenshot of is the only one in the flute that’s acting weird.


Have you made sure there is nothing hidden on that staff? Turn Signposts on to see this. Although I’m not sure why hidden objects would affect the Layout.

Perhaps you should upload your project for someone to explore. If it is too large, enable the Silent playback template.

Oh, and I forgot to say, welcome to the forum!

Let me add my own welcome to the forum, Tomas. It would definitely be easiest to diagnose this from the project itself. If you’re not comfortable posting it publicly, you can send it to me in a private message and I’ll be pleased to take a look.

Hey! Sorry for the late reply.

Sure, I can send you the file in a private message.


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@videlatomas sent his project and I found the way to fix Alto Flute:

  • Move material in second Flute stave (middle one) to Alto Flute
  • delete +1 staff Signpost at Bar 1
  • delete the other one at Bar 28

@videlatomas I think you should remove all the other instruments and post your file with just the relevant Player so that the users can see the scenario.

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Thanks Daniel! The thing with that solution is that I want that part to be played by a flute, not an Alto Flute. Basically, it’s one player doubling instruments and for this piece the player is recording two passes of flute.

Anyway, I’ll upload a Dorico file of this piece so people can see what’s going on. Thanks!