Instrument not playing back all notes

I have notes, all well within the instrument’s range, in a phrase that are not being sounded when I click on them and, also, do not play back. I have tried re entering the notes, but they remain silent. Nothing is suppressed in the properties panel. /where else should I look to t=resolve this?

You should upload your file here next. Or a chunk of it where there is an issue.

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Sunday in Berlin (concert band) 2023-07-05 - Extraction.dorico (1.9 MB)
The part in question is Euphonium in Bb, 5th through 8th bar of the system track.

What library are you using for playback? Is it a limitation of the sounds in that library?

I’ve been using Halion, the library that comes with Dorico. This has never been a problem. I discovered it while making some edits.

I came across this some months ago. My thought at the time was that the range of the Euphonium seemed that it was the same as that of the Tuba. I have now checked this using your file, adding various tenor and bass brass instruments and copying the Euphonium notes across, and it indeed appears to be the case. The Euphonium is often called a Tenor Tuba in some musical circles. It might have been an accidental oversight during Dorico’s development that the range of the (Bass) Tuba was applied to the Tenor Tuba.
If you change the instrument to Baritone Horn (and rename it to Euphonium), those notes play. However the tone quality is different.

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In the attached Dorico project, I have input a 5-octave chromatic scale into a concert-pitch score containing Baritone Horn, Euphonium in B♭, Tenor Tuba in B♭, Tuba, Bass Tuba and Contrabass Tuba, and then coloured green those notes which Dorico will play. The Euphonium and all the Tubas have the same lower and upper range limits while the Baritone Horn’s lowest note is 6 semitones above that of the Tubas and extends just over an octave above at the high end. Also, the Euphonium sounds the same as all the Tubas.
Low brass ranges.dorico (1005.4 KB)

Yes, that’s correct. HALion Symphonic Orchestra doesn’t contain distinct patches for these instruments, so everything in your example project is using the HSO Tuba patch, except for the baritone horn, which is using the HSO French Horn patch.